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Sam+Karin – Armenian Anniversary Session in Amalfi & Ravello, Italy via Los Angeles | Wedding Photographer Amalfi Coast

We met Sam and Karin by chance on September 30, at the bus stop in Piazza dei Mulini in Positano.  They were on a trip to Italy celebrating their 5th Anniversary, and Dani and I were just on our way back to the apartment we’d rented after a nice evening of jazz at the Bar Zagara in Positano. We had just shot a wedding for an American couple at the Positano Town Hall the day before, and were trying to relax that evening after several busy weeks.

I was enjoying my usual evening gelato from Bar dei Mulini when Dani said, “I think I just heard someone say that they’re Armenian.”  My ears perked up with excitement, “What?  Where?”  He pointed towards the young couple sitting on the bench at the bus stop nearby.  Of course I had to go up and introduce myself, being that I myself am of Armenian heritage, and having lived most of my life in Los Angeles, where there is a huge Armenian community, I find it rather sad that there are so few of us in Italy, where I am based.  So when I do meet an Armenian here, I am super excited and happy.  :)

“You guys are Armenian?”, I asked.  “Yes!”, Sam and Karin replied in unison in the proud way only Armenians do when asked this question.  “Wow, how cool!  Where are you guys from?”  “Los Angeles.”  “No way, so am I!”, I said with the biggest smile on my face as my heart filled with joy.  “So what are you guys doing here?  It’s rare to meet other Armenians in Italy, let alone right here in Positano!”  Turns out they were celebrating their 5th anniversary, they’d just been to Rome and they were spending a few days on the Amalfi Coast before flying back home.

The bus arrived and we all got on it, talking the entire time, and before I knew it Karin said, “Oooh, I wish I’d known you just a couple of weeks before!  I would have loved to do a photo shoot with you!”  I thought for a split second then blurted out, “Well, we are free tomorrow, and if you guys are up for it, we can take you to Amalfi and Ravello in our car, and have a photo shoot.”  And the rest, as they say, is history!  :) We had a blast during our photo session, and Dani also made a beautiful video for them.  I gave the images a special vintage styling, which I thought works perfectly with their laid-back and relaxed personalities.

They were so easy to photograph, and their love for one another comes pouring through the images.  Not having any time to prepare and pack fancier clothes for the shoot, Karin still managed to look beautiful and feminine in flip-flops and a simple flowy skirt she bought that morning in one of the shops in Positano , something not too many women could pull off for a shoot.  :)   First stop was at one of the curves on the road to Amalfi, with the beautiful village of Positano rising out of the Thyrrenean Sea in the distance.


One of the locals who sells fresh squeezed orange and lemon juice, and some other fruits and vegetables right there at the spot was more than happy to hand Karin a beautiful bunch of grapes, and quickly fashion a crown and a lei of brightly colored chili peppers, which he then proudly put on her like a seasoned stylist.  :)

Sam couldn’t resist so he jumped in, but he really just wanted a taste of those lush Italian grapes, which he got by pulling off one of the grapes and popping it in his mouth.  :D

Taking in the view at the pier in Amalfi and watching the locals play pallanuoto, which is a type of water polo played on small canoes.

A sweet kiss..

How can a man not pick up and twirl the love of his life when experiencing Amalfi together for the first time?  :)

Romance.. Italian style.

Watching as the boat from Positano approaches to pick up all the day-tripping tourists.

Going in for another kiss.

On our way up to Villa Cimbrone, we stopped for a moment in front of Villa Rufolo.

Checking out the beautiful pottery typical of the Amalfi Coast.

Taking in the gorgeous scenery of Ravello on the way to Villa Cimbrone..

Floral decorations for a wedding taking place later that day at Villa Eva.. Love the rose petals on the floor..

A sweet moment with the warm sun shining through a pretty gate..

Happy and relaxed, enjoying the warm golden rays of the Italian sun..

Yet another sweet kiss upon approaching Villa Cimbrone’s gates..  The Amalfi Coast has that kind of effect on you..

Love this shot.. Her braids are so lush, and her eyes full of love for her hubby!

Aren’t they cute?

Lovely lush gardens sure add to the sparks of romance..


One of the most relaxed and laid-back couples I’ve photographed so far..

Villa Cimbrone is truly beautiful..

One of my favorite shots..

Checking out the gorgeous panorama with the sea down below..

I’m glad they felt so comfortable in front of me and my lense.

Sweet is the only word that comes to mind..

Sweet and tender..

Sam and Karin’s Anniversary shoot on the Amalfi Coast was just that – Sweet and Tender, and Full of Love.  ♥  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did working on them.  Sam and Karin:  It was a pleasure meeting you guys and I hope to see you in Los Angeles one day soon!  :)


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