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Jennifer +Andrew – Wedding in Rome, Italy | Wedding Photographer Rome, Italy

Jennifer’s sister Mandy was my main contact before the wedding and later I was also in touch with her Mom and Dad via email.  So, initially, I was a bit surprised as to why Jennifer wasn’t the one making the enquiry and wedding plans.  Then when Mandy told me that Jennifer is a registered nurse who works with cancer patients, and that she works days and nights and also has a 1-year old little girl at home, I thought,  “Aaaw, how sweet!”  The entire family was helping with the wedding!

I decided right at that moment that I’d like to do something special for Jennifer.  I wasn’t sure what that would be, but when she called me the night before the wedding to go over details and told me that she didn’t have a Bridal Bouquet arranged for, I knew this was it – I will make her the bouquet!  She was relieved and accepted happily, and told me her favorite flower is the Cala Lilly.

Hmm.. where was I going to find Cala Lillies at 11:30 pm at night?  I got my sweet husband Dani to (reluctantly) accompany me along my “Flower Adventure”.  Haha.. poor baby.  He had to work the next morning and was already sleepy.  None of the 5 florists we visited had Lillies.  But I found some beautiful yellow tulips and some ivory roses, and thought I would add some Baby’s breath too, which I normally don’t use in the bouquets I make.  I made Jenny’s bouquet and also a sweet little buttioniere for Andrew,  and finally went to bed at 2:30 am!  Well, the next morning I was so surprised at how well the flowers complimented Jennifer’s beautiful vintage-style Oleg Cassini gown, and so happy that she loved the bouquet.  Turns out she likes tulips and she loves Baby’s breath!

I had such a great time shooting their pictures, and then later meeting their wonderful family at the Ceremony!  Jennifer has a great sense of humor and had me cracking up during the shoot.  And her hubby Andrew is a really nice guy!  The weather was picture perfect and warm enough that we were walking around without any coats – in January!  I told them this was a sign that they’re two great spirits and that God was blessing them on their Special Day.  :)

One of the many larger-than-life statues in Rome..

Here’s the bouquet I made for her.  :)

Spontaneous expression..

A black and white scene straight out of a Federico Fellini movie..  ;)

Her dress was truly stunning.. I love how gracefully it trailed behind her as she walked, and how it perfectly mimics the arch above this beautiful antique doorway to the park.


Jennifer really wanted to get a taste of these Italian oranges, so Andy, being the gentleman that he is, plucked one off the tree and handed it to her.  :)

We were nicely surprised when the owner of this restaurant came out to congratulate Andy and Jenny and right away ordered one of his waiters to bring them two glasses of Prosecco!  What a nice guy.  Kind gestures like this are not uncommon in Bella Italia, and everyone congratulates the wedding couple as they pass by.  Sometimes they even cheer and clap.  :)

Jenny’s pretty birdcage veil looks stunning against the  timeless and elegant backdrop of the Trevi Fountain..

One of my favorite shots..  protected by the angels above..  ♥

One of many FUN moments during our shoot!  This cute little Italian dog reminds of a gremlin for some reason, and Jennifer just had to have a picture with the Statue of Liberty guy.. Haha!  Love it!

What’s a stroll around Rome without savoring some delicious gelato?  Even Andy who isn’t such a big fan of sweets loved the Italian ice cream.


Finishing off that ice cream cone.. I love his expression in this shot, very nonchalant and debonair at the same time..  :D

And of course we had to get some shots near the Coliseum!

Jennifer got my sense of humor, and vice versa..  :D

The reception was held at the smaller terrace at the Residenza Paolo VI, which is right behind the Vatican, but we were allowed 10 minutes for family photos on the bigger terrace.  Jennifer and Andy’s wonderful family..

and their adorable baby girl Lilly!!  How cute is she?  ♥

The ladies..

and gents..  :D

Jennifer’s brother Tony, who’s a Christian minister, performed the ceremony..  Now, how cool is that, to have your brother perform your marriage ceremony?

It was a very emotional and moving ceremony for all.

And Tony was reading from his iPad.  How cool is that?  :)

Mom, Dad, brother Tony, and sister Mandy who all pitched in and made this beautiful day a reality for Jenny and Andy.  :)


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